• Sohail Iqbal

    Sohail Iqbal

  • Konda Reddy Yaramala

    Konda Reddy Yaramala

    Software Engineer | Writing about things one at a time | Let’s connect: https://www.linkedin.com/in/konda-reddy-y-50ba71157/ | Follow me on Medium!

  • Heri s.s

    Heri s.s

  • Pentech


    Writing tech articles from a unique perspective

  • Sebastian Novak

    Sebastian Novak

  • raj


  • Marco Lüthy

    Marco Lüthy

    Hi there! I’m Marco. I write mostly about software development, sometimes about books I’ve read, and occasionally something else to keep things interesting.

  • Noam Davida

    Noam Davida

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