aws cloudwatch vs dashbird
aws cloudwatch vs dashbird

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At this moment, billions of people are rushing to the internet for work, entertainment, shopping — everything, really. It’s great that we developed this virtual world and can keep the lights on, despite what’s happening outside.

On the other hand, cloud systems and developers are under pressure to meet an unparalleled demand. At Dashbird, we have always thought developers deserve the most efficient tools to discover and resolve issues in seconds in order to keep cloud apps running smoothly.

For applications running on AWS, CloudWatch might have been enough so far. In our research, though…

serverless cost
serverless cost

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If you’re worried that switching to serverless infrastructure is too expensive for your business, you’re not alone. Total spending on cloud services will top $284 billion by 2024. The good news is there are many ways to track and lower your serverless operation costs without slowing down your business. Lambda and how can it help your business? Find out more by reading these Lambda frequently asked questions.

Working with Amazon

Amazon Web Services, or AWS, is Amazon’s cloud computing division. AWS offers serverless computing with its Lambda service since 2014.

Because outsourcing computing power is still so new…

docker aws lambda functions layers extensions
docker aws lambda functions layers extensions

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2020 was a difficult year for all of us, and it was no different for engineering teams. Many software releases were postponed, and the industry slowed its development speed quite a bit.

But at least at AWS, some teams released updates out of the door at the end of the year. AWS Lambda received two significant improvements:

  • AWS Lambda Extensions; and
  • Support of Docker images for your functions.

With these two new features and Lambda Layers, we now have three ways to add code to Lambda that isn’t directly part of our Lambda…

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It shouldn’t be a surprise that Lambda configuration error is one of the most common error messages, and we all know AWS error messages aren’t known for being especially detailed. Oftentimes you will come across other vague error messages like “encoding not enabled,” or “stream is failing,” and depending on the context, this could mean your services could be completely down.

The Lambda configuration error is as generic as it gets; there are dozens of configuration attributes you can set for your Lambda function, and if you don’t know them all by heart…

aws cloudwatch alerts and dashbird alerts
aws cloudwatch alerts and dashbird alerts

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In the 21st century, it’s quite easy to manipulate machines and computers. Our worries are no longer if something is doable, but if something can be perfected. Therefore, we mostly search for new ideas and ways to make our work impeccable. For example, if you’re using a particular software and you realize that the software is excellent, but it could be better in some ways that would allow you to work even faster, you’ll explore the alternatives. There are all kinds to choose from, and you will search for the one that is…

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When you want to stay ahead and on top of things in a fast-moving industry, machine learning (ML) is surely one of the trending solutions. Today, innovative companies already have leading Machine Learning tools well-integrated into their processes. In comparison, your start could seem dreadfully slow. Or maybe you just don’t have the time or resources to invest in running your own Machine Learning training infrastructure.

AWS offers over 20 services alone in its machine learning category, and that’s not counting the other services that have soft Machine Learning features integrated. The services…

When using services created by other people, it’s often neither obvious what they mean, let alone how to fix them. One of these error messages you might see when using Amazon API Gateway is “encoding not enabled”.

The first question here is, what kind of encoding does this error message refer to? The first thought might go into the video or audio encoding direction and lead to a dead-end since you probably didn’t send any audio or video files. The error message is confusing because it aims to compress your response payload.

What does “API Gateway Encoding not Enabled” mean?

Content-encoding will be disabled by default when you…

One of the serverless best practices is one-purpose functions. You should keep your Lambda functions small and solve exactly one use-case. This way, you can optimize them better and keep potential security problems contained. But creating many small functions can get overwhelming quickly. Even small projects can end up with more than 20 Lambda functions.

If your serverless systems get bigger with time and solve more and more use-cases, you tend to have multiple sub-systems that use multiple Lambda functions. This makes it rather hard to stay on top of things in terms of monitoring. You want to know what…

Dashbird now scans your serverless infrastructure for industry best practices. It’s the antidote for chaos.

We’re excited to introduce the Dashbird Well-Architected Insights — a continuous insights scanner combined with Well-Architected reports. The new feature provides serverless developers with insights and recommendations to continually improve their applications and keep them secure, compliant, optimized, and efficient.

With all the data Dashbird already holds for its users, as an end-to-end observability platform with failure detection capabilities, it was the logical next step to build on top of this and build a next abstraction-layer, almost like a trusted advisor, continuously overseeing the posture…

In this article, we’ll be rewinding back to the very beginning of the AWS Well-Architected Framework to understand how and why it came to be, and why is it of utmost importance, but very often underrated, for serverless developers to learn, understand and apply this framework of best-practices. We’ll also be looking into how the framework has evolved and how it should be used in 2021.

For a more in-depth deep dive into each of the five pillars, you can download this free e-book, which dissects the pillars and explains the importance and how to implement these best practices in…

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